DEXXO Optimo Pro PB RTS (24V) garage door opener

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Dexxo Optimo RTS

Dexxo Optimo RTS is a solid, reliable and practical garage door opener. It can be easily programmed and installed. The transformer allows the engine to work with a 24V power supply, which increases the durability of the automatism. The engine is also equipped with an integrated lamp. It's possible to program, such features as: speed reduction at the closing point or obstacle detection and connect a lot of backup devices (eg. emergency battery). The device can be powered both from the main supply and battery or solar panel. All SOMFY gate openers are tested in the factory and are provided with the SOMFY factory test sticker.


Recommended use :
- For sectional doors (Max.surface = 10 m2)
- Side gates

Permitted use:
- Tilt-up
   (door weight < 10 kg/m2. max.surface = 10 m2)
   (door weight > 10 kg/m2. max.surface = 7,5 m2)


Rails for garage openers available HERE.

Rail for Dexxo with toothed belt, 3,5 m, 2-parts
Rail for Dexxo with chain belt, 2,9 m, 2-parts
Rail for Dexxo with chain belt, 3,5 m, 2-parts
Rail for Dexxo with toothed belt, 2,9 m, 2-parts


The product contains two remote controllers Keytis 2.

SOMFY power supply system
Dexxo Optimo RTS is compatible with the photovoltaic SOMFY supply system. The solar power supply is perfect for installation in narrow spaces where the installation of cables is difficult.
Dexxo Optimo quick start in 90 seconds
Quick start in 90 seconds thanks to the modern control board. The control panel and remote controls are initially programmed at the factory.
Light bulb in Dexxo Optimo
The opener has an integrated light- light bulb 24V/21W installed in the casing.

Package contains :
- The gate opener unit DEXXO Optimo
- 2 x 2- channel remote controler Keytis 2
- 1 x bulb
- 1 x guide arm
- 1 x gate lock
- 1 x the door lintel attachment
- 2 x 2-partial ceiling mounting
- 1 x installation and operating manuals.