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CAME UNIPARK is a parking lot barrier. Designed to “watch over” your personal parking place. This automation is easy to install on a flat surface. The 24V power supply and an amperometric obstacle detection system, improve the device safety. CAME UNIPARK uses a dark yellow (RAL 1024) color to ensure the visibility of the device. The opening/locking takes only 10 seconds! UNIPARK is designed for individual use (not for intensive work).

CAME UNIPARK set is composed of the motor (UNIP) and a resistant metal arch ARK 1 (or ARK 2 – a larger version designed to protect a larger spot). The mechanism is controlled by the CAME ZL22 control unit, with a one channel radio receiver and a LM22 control card. It’s worth to know that this system can be expanded with three LM22 cards. It allows to control 4 UNIPARK devices (you still have one control box). The set also contains two channel remote.

Thanks to the 24V power supply, you can equip the parking lot barrier with backup batteries. It requires a LB22 battery card to which you connect two EP12 accumulator (12V 1,2 Ah). Such solution allows to use the barrier even during power outages.

UNIPARK radio system is self coding (self coding signal between the receiver and the emitter) it makes the radio starting activation a child’s play. Moreover, you can control the UNIPARK not only with remote controls, but also e.g. digital keypads.