CAME JET524 24V operator for swing gates - Kit S

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CAME JET524 kit S contains 2x ATI A5024N , CAME ZL180N control board and other accesories


In CAME JET524 kit S we proposing you a set for your swing gate system. In this set you will find:

1. CAME ATI A5024N swing gate operator x2

2. CAME ZL180N control board

3. CAME TOP 432 EV remote control

4. CAME AF43S frequency card

5. Manual


1. CAME ATI A5024N swing gate operator x2

CAME ATI A5024N is a gate motor designed to work with large and big gates with leaf length up to 5 meters and weight up to 1000kg (to see more look at the graph). Using gate with proposed in table parameters ensure long-term and trouble-free usage. 24 Vdc power supply used in this drive will serve you undisturbed for years even at intensive frequency of use.

24 V technology applied in this drive allow you to control speed during opening and closing gate. Obstacle detecting function will detect any obstacles and prevent gate from accidental crash. Time that gate need to open to 90° is regulated by user.

Made from highest quality aluminium that is resistant to all weather conditions and can work in temperature range-20° to 55°.

2. CAME ZL180 control board

CAME ZL180 control panel is designed to cooperate with two swing gate motors like ATI A5024N. Intensive and effective work of drives connected to this control unit is guaranteed by CAME 24 V technology. Other features:

- Opening and closing pre-flashing

- Total stop function

- Obstacle detection in front of photocells

- Self-learning of the transmitter's radio code

- Slow-down function during opening and/or closing operation

- Adjustable automatic re-closing time

3.CAME TOP 432 EV remote control

CAME TOP 432 EV transmitter with 2-channels with 433.92 frequency is functional and easy to program. Made from plastic highly resistant to scratches is very elegant and nice looking controller.

4. CAME AF43S frequency card

Frequency card CAME AF43S is used in all CAME devices: swing gates, sliding gates, barriers etc. It is necessary to connect radio control accessories to control board. The CAME AF43S card is compatibile with the remote control of the TOP series and 433.92 Mhz frequency.

ati a2024n - 24v
Thanks to the 24V technology the swing gate ATI are ideal for intensive work.
ati a3024n - Karte plus AkkusThanks to 24V technology this drive can work intensive.
ati a3024n - Stromausfall
During a power failure, the drive can easily be unlocked with a triangular key and opened smoothly by hand.
ati a3024n - MikroschalterThe drives of the series ATI have built micro switch for gate OPEN and gate CLOSED. No need for external limit stops more.