CAME ATI A5000A 230V operator for swing gates

CAME ATI A5000A 230V operator for swing gates View larger


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CAME ATI A5000A for swing gate motors with 230 V power supply

CAME ATI A5000A is a swing gate operator designed to work with large and big gates with leaf length up to 5 meters and weight up to 1000 kg (to see more look at the graph). Small dimensions of motor allow to mount it even at the narrow posts.

Gate automation from CAME is a guarantee of long-term trouble-free usage. Durable, electromechanical and strong are the features that describing this motor and enables long-term usage. This drive will work for years with use frequency to 20 cycles per day.

Technology 24V applied to this drive provide control of speed during opening and closing of the gate. Special function to detect obstacles will help you to eliminate any crashes. Time required for the gate opener to open the gate to angle to 90° is 32 seconds.

From the experience and attention to detail CAME created a drive that can quietly open and close gate. This motor made from aluminium and highest quality internal components can withstand all weather conditions and temperatures ranging from -20° to 55°.

CAME ATI A5000A cooperates with control unit ZA3N (230 V power supply) that have functions of:

- wicket system which allows user to control which motor is working and opening/closing leaf, this enables to make a pass for human or small vehicle

- connection to two sets of photo cells with one will prevent gate wings to close/open when any object will enclose to the border of range

- install flashing light to increase safety of you and all users of gate.

We offer also different sets. For gates with one leaf we can offer MONOJET kit and for users with two leaf gates we suggest set JET. All kits are divded because of the content and are named with letters S, M, L, XL. If you are interested in making your own kit just call or e-mail us and we will help you make a kit for you with you. 

Proposed sets for one leaf gate:

- Set S - Monojet5 (S)

- Set M – Monojet5 (M) 

- Set L– Monojet5 (L) 

- Set XL – Monojet5 (XL)

Proposed sets for double leaf gate:

- Set S – Jet5 (S)

- Set M – Jet5 (M)

- Set L – Jet5 (L)

- Set XL – Jet5 (XL)