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    Dexxo Optimo RTS is a solid, reliable and practical garage door opener. It can be easily programmed and installed. The transformer allows the engine to work with a 24V power supply, which increases the durability of the automatism.

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    The garage door operator  Somfy Dexxo PRO 800 is suitable for overhead garage doors, sectional doors, side-speed doors. It is suitable for garage doors up to 10m². The drive can be quickly programmed, it is highly reliable –up to 90 000 cycles! ll SOMFY gate openers are tested in the factory and are provided with the SOMFY factory test sticker. 

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    SOMFY Dexxo 3S PRO 1000 RTS is a strong opener for large garage doors (5m maximum. The drive can be connected to safety devices (eg emergency battery). Thanks to the LCD display the programming is very easy.All SOMFY gate openers are tested in the factory and are provided with the SOMFY factory test sticker. Like others SOMFY gate openers it's a pratical...

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    CAME F4000 is suitable both for industrial and residential use. It can be installed outside thanks to IP54 seals. Aluminium base provides easy installation.

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    24V motor CAME F4024 is a good choice for rail-mounted folding doors as well as bi-folding swing doors. Provided with IP54 seals, it can be installed outdoors. Aluminium installing base makes the montage easy. Choose 24V DC version for frequently used door.

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    NICE SUMO SU2000 is an electromechanical motor for sectional doors and two-wings sliding doors measuring up to 35 m². The motor SUMO 24 Vdc with magnetic encoder is perfect for intensive use.

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    CAME C-BX motor for garage door

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    FAAC D600 is a 24V door opener for garage doors. Easy to install, it can be mounted on the ceiling of your garage. Thanks to a kevlar belt the automation is very discreet and the rail do not produce noise. The beginning of the work is slowed down to accelerate after a short moment. The slow down system allows a soft stop.

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    The FAAC D1000 is an automation for garage door. D1000 is designed for garage doors with a maximum surface of 15,5 m2. The speed of the door opener is automatically adjusted to ensure a safe work. Thanks to a kevlar belt, the performance is very quiet.

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    CAME C-BX motor for garage door with limit switches (450W) is a 230V automation for sliding and folding doors.

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    CAME CBX-E motor for garage door with encoder and limit switches (450W) is a 24V automation for sliding and folding doors.

Showing 1 - 12 of 52 items